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Sewing business


I introduced the facilities which I sewed in a factory.

Cut-and-sew, an inner, a bag sew the knit product.

<facilities contents>
・The final sewing sewing machine
Five・One needle over
・Two needle over
Five・Flat three needle 5.6mm
・Flat two needle 4.8mm
One・Buttonhole stitch sewing machine
・Button charge account sewing machine
One・Perception stopping sewing machine
・MORITO daki
One・Inspection of a meter machine 
・Electric steam iron
One・Heatless iron

Process of the sewing

The process of following six is established until it becomes the product from sewing.

①Deferred; anti-
The work that I cut cloth to necessary length for cutting and accumulate

To the pattern data every product parts (a sleeve and pocket) such as T-shirts to process, deferred; is a cut with the cloth which turned over

I sew it using sewing together, a sewing machine suitable for each part to prevent that the seam including the combination department of a neckband, a sleeve, a hem, a sleeve and the body influences comfort being hit by the skin.

I check whether you are sewed according to the specifications after sewing was over and perform the disposal of the thread.

⑤Inspection of a meter
A sewing machine needle is rarely broken at a stage of the sewing and is missing, and a metal piece may get mixed.
I perform inspection of a meter (kenshin) to confirm whether a metal piece does not get mixed before shipping it because it may become the serious accident if a needle gets mixed when I wear a product.

I fold a product and I work on bagging and am completion.
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