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System introduction

System introduction

About an introduction system

I compile data input by each management system in dyeing processing into a database and, by the unified data, generate the information that is necessary for production duties by various processing (processing, extraction, count, analysis) application and can post the information that is precise in real time by a company internal network on each section.
In addition, by a company internal network, I can grasp necessary business information, production information anytime from individual PC terminals in the company and, also, can transfer gray fabric demand information and beaker demand information to cell-phones.

Processing direction input

If there is a request of the processing, processing contents are input into an order terminal promptly, and it is stored as processing direction information by a database. In the case of a repeat order, past order information is searched, and processing contents, dyeing prescription are automatically set. In the online communicating user, the information is taken in automatically.

Published by shipment direction input, shipment details slip

Based on the shipment direction information from the user who inputs beforehand, and is stored away, I collate a test result with the finish situation and only the thing which passed it ships it for the shipment spot and is ordered, and a shipment details slip is printed by the thing which read bar code of the cloth by leader handy bar code on the site.

Order contents information

I analyze the space conditions of the short order contents and dyeing machine stand from an order material ratio graph and a processing inverse number ratio graph now and make use for daily business activities.


All steps load indication

I calculate the load of all steps in real time and display the load for each process. I can confirm the details.

Adjustment, decision of the production schedule

The order that is going to produce it, and appeared is posted on a monitor screen separated by color according to progress by the computer terminal of each production department.
With the monitor screen, I can operate the adjustment of the plan, the progress decision. In addition, as for the monitor, it is linked a dyeing machine, and the finished lot is updated automatically.

Progress management

When an artefact streams down each process, I let you read bar code of the start, and the thing which completed work lets you read bar code of the completion. Excellent anti-gaareba non-lets you read the bar code of rework instructions promptly during work and can order the rework. I can identify the date and time, the person in charge who passed as a passage process with the progress screen.

Processing direction suitable time

I display processing information for each order, progress information, gray fabric information, shipment information.
In addition, I concentrate Recipe information, reduction ratio result, the examination anti-nadono details and can manage it. Thus, I can grasp the information about the direction one-sidedly.


Color kitchen control

I input color order and register.
I can manage it by CCM, CCS, an automatic compounding system.

Fastness information management

Fastness information for each order is registered. Here, processing is stopped for the artefact which fastness does not have good at that point.

Dyeing Recipe management

Repeat-recipe information is compiled into a database. In addition, I make it and compile process patterns into a database, and I am managed by the information that I examined in the new color.

Inspection management

By the last process, I inspect the cloth. The contents which I inspected are input into a computer, and a class is judged automatically. As for the thing that inspection was completed, it is cost sales.

Process pattern

I automatically calculate a process pattern suitable for order contents (material, blend rate, color, count, use etc) and am made until data sent to a dyeing machine stand.
In addition, for the new artefacts such as the new material, I can maintain registering result data examined earlier and data registered before.
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