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Enzymatic Compact Finish

This is compact finish applied for enzymes, considering both the environment and your skin.
Since the finished cotton material itself had been improved by biotechnology, the softener is not to be washed off, so, it can't be stiff, the good texture will be maintained.
Characteristic textures
Elegant draping
Deep coloring
Excellent shiny color

Ester Type Compact Finish

This compact finish is specialized for finishing various ester type fabrics, such as polyester100% or cotton/ester fabrics. Since our finishing is computer-controlled, fabrics can get stable compact effect by using precise amount of chemicals. 

Anti-Pilling Finish

In the past, some anti-pilling finished fabrics had tended to become stiff, moreover could lower their fastness to washing.
However, our original finish overcame such weakness. 
The fabrics will keep own textures, and their fastness to washing can be improved.
It can be expected to get up to 3 grades of improvements.
Anti-pilling property improved
Soft textures
Effects have superior fastness to washing

Anti-Pilling Finish ( for synthetics )

This is specialized finish for synthetic fiber. With this finish, the fabrics will not lose own textures, also can get moist textures.

Wrinkle-Free Finish

The finished fabrics have less shrinkage against tumble dry, and will keep their shape.
So, this finishing is suitable for automatic washing machine with dryer.

Few shapeless with continuous washing
Less shrinkage with tumbler drier
Stretchy property with fastness to washing
Superior water-absorbing property
Quick-dry performance
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