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Flame Retardant Finish for polyester

This is specialized finish available only for polyester100% materials.
It is recommended for nursing bed sheets.
Flame-retardant processing performance test (cloth E100% punch)
Sample Washing condition The 45 degrees mesenamin method The 45 degrees coil method  Judgment
 The carbonization head  Carbonization length average Carbonization length maximum  heikinsetsuenkaisuu
 0  29mm  26  29  3
 5 33mm  29  33

Mothproof Finish

We have applied very safe mosquito repellents to this fabrics.
1.Our fabrics can control bloodsucking insects, wing insects and other harmful insects.
2.The chemical agent is safe for humans.
Acute oral toxicity       LD50>5000mg/Kg(rat)
Acute dermal toxicity   LD50>5000mg/Kg(rat)
No Mutagenicity
Formalin free
3.Experimental Data
Sample: Mercerized 30/1 Jersey Knit
We had let 30 mosquitoes go in a 30cm×30cm sized laboratory insect cage, and had kept the temperature at 25±2℃, the humidity at 60-70%. After we wrapped our fabric around the monitor's arms , let their arm exposed to the cage for 2 minutes. In the meantime, 
we counted the number of mosquitoes landing on the arms wrapped with our sample.
On the other hand, we put the cage of mosquitoes in a plastic bag with chloroform case, sealed them in the bag and killed them. 
Then, we squashed the abdomen of dead mosquitoes, saw if they had sucked blood or not. 
We calculated the standing and blood-sucking rate from the above. And we calculated the repellent rate compared with unfinished fabric.
Monitor name Sample The number of the standstill mosquitoes The number of the sucking blood mosquitoes
 The number of the standstill Standstill rate Evasion rate The number of the sucking blood Sucking blood rate Evasion rate
 The processing up 0 0 100
0 100
After five times of washing 3 10 70 0 0 100
Roughness 10 33.3 - 3 10 -
Y The processing up 0 0 100 0 0 100
After five times of washing 5 16.5 66.7 1 3.3 80
Roughness 15 50 - 5 10 -
Mothproof experiment result depends on each monitor's health. 
The test result don't mean that it is effective for everyone.
Specimen: tiger mosquito

Water Repellent Finish

This finish will give fabrics water-repellent performance which prevents being soaked with rain.
Also, the finished fabrics have good breathability and are less stuffy. 
Moreover, they have soil-release property, so, you don't have to worry about stains of spilt coffee or juice. 
It is suitable for washing in winter for its good dewaterability and quick-drying function.
Water repellent finish performance test
Not mercerized 30/10 french terry 
Cotton100% Not mercerized 40/2 jersey stitch
Standard: JIS L-1092 spray method
Washing: JIS G103
Drying: Screen dry
after 5 wash
after 10 wash
Cotton100% 30/10
french terry
Cotton100% 30/10
jersey stitch

Self Cleaning Finish

We had transformed nanoparticles into 3D laminar structure like lotus leaves , and fixed them to surfaces of fabrics. Since drops of water or dirt touches the fabrics at only a nanosized point, drops are easy to run down and dirt will be washed out with simple washing.
Self cleaning property from of the nanoparticles surface
Easy cleaning property of dirt
Effects have superior fastness to washing
Effects indicate superior durability against dry/wet friction tests
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