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Sunscreen Finish

UV rays from the sun will cause skin aging through clothing.
Our sunscreen finish can protect your skin from UV rays damage.
UVA can cause tanning skin aging and blemishes. 
UVB can cause sunburn, premature aging of skin.
Our products can cut off UV rays which causes several skin problems.
Effects have fastness to washing

Sunscreen & Cool Feeling Finish

Our fabrics can reduce both effects of UV rays and IR, you can feel more comfortable with our fabrics.
Prevent IR from heating body, suppress your sweat.
Reduce effects of UV rays, prevent your skin from sunburn(certified as UPF30+).

Xylitol Cooling Finish

We have employed xylitol on the fabrics, which shows endothermic reaction when it combined with moisture. It will react endothermically, absorbing sweat or moisture. Once the moisture disappears for drying or evaporation, the endothermic reaction will be refreshed. 
So, you can feel cooler with this fabric. Since nanoparticles penetrate deep into fiber tissues, the effects have fastness to washing.

Excellent cooling sensation
Effects have fastness to washing. 

Cooling effects fastness to washing
We measured temperatures of a sample's surface with thermography.
A subject placed his hand on the sample for 3 minutes. Then we measured each temperature of it right after putting off, a minute later and 2 minutes later.
Besides, we measured each changes in temperature of the sample each after 10, 20, 30 time-washing.
Compared to unfinished, the handprint disappeared much more at finished fabric.
It means that our fabric can control your body temperature, absorbing sweat and moisture.
And, the effects have been lasting even after 30 washes.
Just after processing
After ten times of washing
After 20 times of washing
After 30 times of washing
Just after that
One minute later
Two minutes later

Dry Touch Finish

This finish improves water-absorbent and quick-dry performances of fabrics. 
So, you can always feel comfortable even when you sweat. 
Also, it can reduce shapeless, wrinkles and shrinkage during washing. 

High water-absorbent and quick-dry performance
(show 100mm water-absorbent performance in Byreck Method)
Fewer shapeless, wrinkles and shrinkage than unfinished
Dry textures from cotton materials
Functions will have been lasting even after repeated washing
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