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History (as of 1973 ...)

Opportune time from 1973 to 60 (1973-1985)

I plan switches from "quantity to quality"

The first oil crisis begins
It shifts to Japanese yen, the floating rate system
A Japan-U.S. fiber agreement takes effect
President third generation, Tsunetoshi appointment
Lockheed case detection
The latest dyeing facilities machine introduction
To "times of the uncertainty" bestseller
The second oil crisis
The experiment of the linear motor car succeeds in Japan
Japan is car production; in the first place of the world
The issue of starvation of Africa worsens
Glico, Morinaga case
Crash of the Japan Airlines jumbo passenger plane
By privatization, NTT starts
I reach the big economic turning point called "an oil crisis" at the end of 1973.
President, Iida Tsunejiro dies for the second generation in August, 50 while I did it this way.
In the case of a share ward of Higashiyodogawa-ku, the Tsunejiro made an effort as the practice chairperson, and, also, duty contributed to the development of an area and the industry in a motto in "for a person at many important posts such as Chairperson Higashiyodogawa industry association for the world".
Tsunetoshi Iida takes office as a president for the third generation.
Demand was sluggish, and, since an oil crisis, the dyeing industry received a great blow by a large raise of senharazairyo.
I plan "switches from quantity to quality" as a prescription of this and I brought up the portent of "the gentrification line" as opposition from the mid-40s to "Asia product", but I invite a stable period of growth and will strengthen it more.
It a multi-kind, small lot short; cycle it, and is the beginning of differentiation strategy, and the approach of "the differentiation product" gets into full swing from the 50, Showa generation.
I introduce the latest dyeing facilities in 52 and plan rationalization of the production, and a fashion demands a new viewpoint from becoming it and plans a turn to the offer of the product which end-consumer including the processing development by the image demands.

Our development artefact by the approach to a differentiation product

President meal Jiro Tazune of the ward Government building construction chairperson taking leading to celebrate a start of new life Higashiyodogawa-ku in a celebration venue

The challenge period from 1986 to 1995 (1986-1995)

By the introduction of the FA system high technology to becoming it

Management philosophy
"TOP90" setting
The Soviet Union, Chernobyl nuclear plant accident
Challenger explosion accident
Start of JR
Korean Air Lines airplane crash case
It is started dyeing, bleaching FA
Recruit scandal detection
Seto-ohashi is opened
Consumption tax (3%) start
The first factory rebuilding
"An international flower and a green exhibition" are held
Gulf War outbreak
The Soviet Union in the dismantling, 15 republics
The 90th anniversary of the foundation ceremony
The J League start
General CP system start
The Kansai Airport opening of a port
Chairperson Tsunetoshi Iida appointment
Tatsuo Ueda fourth charges president appointment
The second factory rebuilding

The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake takes place
I devise "" of the IIDA SENKO that I have the 90th anniversary of the foundation in 1986 as management philosophy "TOP90" whom there should be. The main project of this had the FA like the colorman in becoming it. In 63, I organized a team and worked on systematization, and FA of bleaching, the dyeing measured becoming it. For a variety of processing technique to become complicated, becoming it was a big help FA QA which led the industry, and high productivity, advancement, precision of the quality gave big result to realization of the equalization.
 I did thorough management by a change, construction of the systematization on the basis of the computer and the promotion with a basic posture to "the Heisei era" in the times. I set management philosophy "TOP95" where I raised a former aim and indicator newly for five years in 1991. I served as completion memory, and a ceremony of the 90th anniversary of the founding was held FA for four years, the following day. As the greatest problem, I promoted the QR system by the enhancement of the systematization, and the international economy to surround fiber acted as the correspondence to "a multi-kind, a short cycle" for establishment of the originality while I suddenly changed while catching the individual treatment needs of the company while I pursued the high quality which there was not to a low price product of the Asia region [import goods] based on past technical accumulation.
Tatsuo Ueda takes office as a chairperson as a president president Tsunetoshi Iida for the fourth generation for the third generation in 1995.

FA central control device

Dyeing machine automatic control room

A business talk room "cotton club"

The change period from 1996 to 1999 (1996-2000)

From a synthetic fiber boom to revival of the cotton knit

Management philosophy "TOP100" setting
I raise it to 5% of consumption taxes
Compound material processing technique establishment
Nagano winter season Olympics holding
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge opening
IIDA SENKO homepage establishment
IT innovation runs through the whole world and greatly changes in the times, and globalization progresses in a pelt, and, as for the survival competition, a wide field of vision for the world will be required while I intensify more.
IIDA SENKO overflows in originality unlike the other companies in the 21st century, and charm and vitality are "TOP100" which the ideal figure which I prayed for when I want to stand in the Japanese top as the company which there is set in 1996.
I fixed my eyes on "TOP100" mainly on realization of the general computer construction, and office automation, FA aimed at the inflection of LA and the Web.
And I completed the automatic resaipu making system which should call FA the brain of the dyeing automation system as part of becoming it in 1998.
Furthermore, I built production schedule [automatic pot percent] of the dyeing and enabled the interlocking movement with the dyeing machine that had been already automated.
In addition, I replaced the office computer-based computing system which I built with a client server architecture system by then [switch] and, in 1999, established the directionality of the network system, and the IIDA SENKO stood to the starting line to the 21st century.

Total network system

As of new century 2000 ~

For a further leap to a new century

Tadahiro Iida fifth charges president appointment
IIDA SENKO "white Kotobuki memory" ceremony
Total network system completion

To Ichiro, Shinjo, the major leagues
The 100th anniversary of the foundation of IIDA SENKO
The soccer Japan and Korea World Cup is held
Iraqi War outbreak
Renewal of the homepage
Athens Olympics holding
Receiving a prize of the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan technology prize
Introduction of three high pressure dyeing machines [wide model]
New establishment (introduction) of drainage processing facilities
Turin Winter Olympics holding
The soccer Germany World Cup is held
Introduction of two high pressure dyeing machine "side types"
Update of the computer server

Postal service privatization begins
Introduction of a reform and the new model of the examination laboratory
KES, environmental management system standard [step 2] registration

Winning the Nobel Prize, Japanese four
Haruo Katahira sixth charges president appointment
Re-renewal of the homepage
Obama takes office as the 44th U.S. President
The second WBC, samurai Japan championship
The ISO 9001 certification acquisition
World Cup South Africa meeting holding
Presentation space
"Cotton club" repair
Boiler facilities update
The Great East Japan Earthquake
The 110th anniversary of the foundation of IIDA SENKO
London Olympics holding
Ueda purely the seventh president appointment
The IIDA SENKO reached the 100th anniversary of the foundation in 2002.
I was this memorable age, and white Kotobuki memory ceremony was held in hotel "Hankyu international" grandly in the autumn of 2001, and Tadahiro Iida took office as the fifth president newly and the IIDA SENKO invited a new century and promised a further leap.
In the inside where the systematization in the factory progresses, excellence of the production system operation in the fiber dyeing processing factory is appreciated in 2005 and wins the honor called an exceptional "Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan technology prize".
In the production operation, I received that a tendency to increase included a ratio of compound material year by year in advance and introduced circular (horizontal high pressure dyeing machine) three in 2005 and maintained the production system which could cope with new material.
Furthermore, I introduce two circular planes more in 2007 and build the perfect system corresponding to the new synthetic fiber material.
In addition, as part of ecological promotion as a purification system of the dyeing drainage a new model [, in the inside that aimed at the factory which introduced six esurote machines in 2006 and it was all one employee again, and considered the global environment, and was active every day, acquired authorization of "KES, environmental management system standard (step 2)" in December, 2008.
 The demand for quality is adding to strictness in long time and performs a large reform in 2008 for the purpose of planning further enhancement about technical examination facilities of the IIDA SENKO, and it is clean, and it is high environmental realization of the workability.
Haruo Katahira took office as the IIDA SENKO more than founding 100 years as newly the sixth president in December, 2008.
To a computing system of the IIDA SENKO to boast of the country highest standard in the industry to in "TOP110" which advocated for the cause, the 110th anniversary of the foundation of this new system in 2009 named watches of the night polished it, and planned the improvement of the employee, and received trust from a customer, a supplier, the industry, areas, and aimed for a company with the significance of being social, to be required.

Horizontal dyeing machine

Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan technology prize

Environmental project Committee
Toward the 115th anniversary of the foundation, the origin of the customer satisfaction that we aimed at acquired ISO9001 from thought that it was in a quality management system in July, 2010.
In addition, I repair presentation space "cotton club" in 2011, and the epoch-making product which took in needs in the world from active exchange of opinions developed here quickly is born in sequence.
In economic conditions to globalize more and more, it will be important in future that the IIDA SENKO greatly changes with it.
However, it breathes ceaselessly "to contribute to the society through fiber" that it is founding mind and places dyeing business as central business and puts weight for a technique and the development and does not change let alone maintaining this firmly. After that, I aim at the company lasting long which is the biggest contribution to society while making full use of wisdom and creativity, and finding the newer directionality.
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