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Company profile


Chairperson and executive director
Tsunetoshi Iida
Ueda purely
The IIDA SENKO founded in 1903 [1903] gave the first cry with Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi line, and thereafter time of 100 remainders year drifted.
There were many changes in the change in the times over Meiji, Taisho era, Showa, Heisei. What was able to keep moving forward through various trials until today thanks you with a gift of the support of many seniors, customers and the all the relations deeply. The history of the company says that you see "history" (1903-1972) in a page of "the history" (as of 1973 ...), and the founder, Iida Tsunejiro is unbroken, and it continues drifting to the mind of the creation of "I contribute to the society through fiber" in our idea. In society economic environment to change rapidly, I will repeat efforts to provide the history, trust and the life that I still color a pride on a chest, and there is as the skill by dyeing.
I am proud of production of best in the business in a field of the knit dyeing and am having a high evaluation now. I started office automation (Office Automation) in 1971 without failing to keep up with the current of the times and no person realized making it it the FA like the colorman who was the heart's desire (Factory Automation) in 1989, and start of (Laboratory Automation) became LA in the next year.
As IT innovation runs through the whole world and establishes a homepage of the IIDA SENKO CO.,LTD. as a leap and a step for the world in the further dream future in the inside that greatly changes in February, 2000 in the times and renewed it as a thing of the contents richness more in April, 2009, right or wrong wants to see it.
 I greatly run by more effort in order to make use of trust and the results that ancient people built in corporate management carefully and will be.
 I am very grateful to change it to all of you and local all of business states that supported us heartily.
In addition, I would like to describe the employees who had you make it for our development the will of thanks heartily.
 I ask all of you even if I get up in the future to have your guidance and encouragement and do it with greetings.
April 1, 2009

Receiving a prize, authorization

The ISO9001 acquisition

In the IIDA SENKO CO.,LTD., I acquired "ISO9001" which was the international standard of the guarantee of quality. A registration territory: Design and development of the natural fiber, regenerated fiber, synthetic fiber fiber and mixed spinning product knit and processing (sarashi, dyeing, rearranging finish)

Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan technology prize, receiving a prize

The IIDA SENKO CO.,LTD. won a Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan technology prize by the development of the production system by the opening factory method that we introduced. About the system managing in us, please see this system introduction page.
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