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Representative greetings

Ueda purely

Greetings               For 2030

There are many changes in the change in the times to last for Meiji Heisei, Showa, Taisho Reiwa since our company founded in 1903 (Meiji 36) is Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi line, and it gave the first cry, and it is not worth a gift of the support of seniors, the regular customer of most and the relations members and sense to thank deeply to have been kept moving forward through a trial until today. I can reach founding 120 years in 2023 and I put it together and thank many various places that I supported so far.
I cannot deny the severe environment by a corona evil, but I would like to ask for your continuous support in the years to come as I devise management visions toward WITH corona and will push on with eternity, the company base which I can retain for 2030.

January, 2022
IIDA SENKO CO.,LTD.                             President Ueda purely

Receiving a prize, authorization

The ISO9001 acquisition

In the IIDA SENKO CO.,LTD., I acquired "ISO9001" which was the international standard of the guarantee of quality. A registration territory: Design and development of the natural fiber, regenerated fiber, synthetic fiber fiber and mixed spinning product knit and processing (Bleaching, dyeing, rearranging finish)

The J ∞ QUALITY acquisition

Because the IIDA SENKO CO.,LTD. met relief, security, a compliance company certification condition to fix for the "J ∞ QUALITY" product certification business terms, I acquired "J ∞ QUALITY".
The IIDA SENKO CO.,LTD. is J quality member company.

The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan technology prize, receiving a prize

The IIDA SENKO CO.,LTD. won the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan technology prize by the development of the production system by the opening factory method that we introduced. About the system managing in us, please see this system introduction page.
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