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Report of the contribution

Thank you very much for your loyal patronage.
We report that they donated it to the following SDG'S allied enterprise.

◇I make the third place to stay that learns, and can talk about a place [child Candy] dream after school!
(crowd funding by representative from city childcare research institute Mari Tezuka)

SDG'S is "the sustainable development aim" that the United Nations aims at the achievement by 2030,
I work on society, economy, environment in a gross, and it is rich, and vitality is an aim to make the future that there is.

In order to contribute with the activity in our past business domain and a viewpoint multidirectional in addition,
For the business that was worked on to realize "a rich living", a dwarf became let you make support (contribution), consenting it.

I reduce a negative impact to give people and the global environment, and the company where there is the responsibility to be relieved works and will contribute to the international accomplishment such as "a sustainable development aim" (SDGs) positively in future. 

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