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[news] To sale precedent in Makuake with the authorized product first of the organic cotton
Brand aggregate "hanikamusasutenanettowaku" born in eco-friendly Japan is born
With a company out world (the location: Minoh-shi, Osaka, representative partner Atsushi Okamura) congruent as for our IIDA SENKO CO.,LTD. running #HYCC (Higashiyodogawa cotton club)
I established brand aggregate "hanikamusasutenanettowaku" born in eco-friendly Japan.

This approach is the attempt that is going to promote a duty of the sustainability promotion in the textile by the ties of the medium and small-sized business of each upper part of a river, Kawanaka, lower part of a river.

At first, as one of these approaches the first of the hanikamusasutenanettowaku authorization product,
I lead in support purchase service "Makuake" from Wednesday, April 27, 2022 and sell it.

During this time, delivery is enabled before the purchase in up to 10% of OFF and the release of the official site to the person who purchased support.
As amount of production is restrictive as for the organic cotton of HYCC (Higashiyodogawa cotton club), I cannot mass-produce it.
When amount preparing by this project is sold out, please note that you may not secure the number of the sale in the official site.

A project name: The lady's inner who is kind to both environment to make with cotton born in Osaka and a body
※I am going to be released at 10:00 on April 27
A project period: From April 27 to July 25
The target: 300,000 yen

Contact information about hanikamusasutenanettowaku

<the hanikamusasutenanettowaku secretariat>
2-2-104, Sugahara, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
The hanikamusasutenanettowaku secretariat (the IIDA SENKO CO.,LTD.)

A telephone: 072-734-7706 (joint company out world)
An e-mail address:

Official Instagram:

Official Twitter:

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